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Playing at adulthood is stressful these days
The closer I think I am getting to having things sorted out
The more I realize how much I still need to learn and do
But anyways
Blah blah blah
One of my best friends got me a cake to cheer me up yesterday
Its my favorite cake too
chocolate with fresh bananas and strawberries
and whipped cream icing and slivered almonds

Red wine, red moon and the red planet
Its fantastic!

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Spicy miso lobster mac rotini’n’cheese!

hells yea!

 - the hungry jedi

Poaching lobster tail in spicy miso butter

 - the hungry jedi

Making spicy miso butter

 - the hungry jedi

Lobster & Tacos & Beers, Oh My!

Lobster poached in spicy miso lemon butter
Cucumber salsa
Sautéed zucchini
Garlic rice cooked in lobster stock

 - the hungry jedi


Ghostbusters by Joshua Budich / Twitter / Tumblr

24” X 36” 7 color screen print.

Part of the travelling art show, ‘Ghostbusters30th Anniversary’, opening April 19th and ending at SDCC in conjunction with Gallery1988 / Tumblr.

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Lobster tail poached in saffron lemon butter with garlic jasmine rice and sautéed veggies

 - the hungry jedi


You’re a strong and independent person who don’t need no storebought products.

See more: DIY: Spring Projects on Food52.


That one episode where Kirk teaches Lady Gaga that true beauty is seeing yourself reflected in the bottom of an empty food tray.

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My objection to fundamentalism is not that they are fundamentalists but that essentially they want me to be a fundamentalist, too. Now, they may say that I believe evolution is true and I want everyone to believe that evolution is true. But I don’t want everyone to believe that evolution is true, I want them to study what we say about evolution and to decide for themselves. Fundamentalists say they want to treat creationism on an equal basis. But they can’t. It’s not a science. You can teach creationism in churches and in courses on religion. They would be horrified if I were to suggest that in churches they should teach secular humanism as nan alternate way of looking at the universe or evolution as an alternate way of considering how life may have started. In the church they teach only what they believe, and rightly so, I suppose. But on the other hand, in schools, in science courses, we’ve got to teach what scientists think is the way the universe works.
A quarter century ago, Isaac Asimov nailed the science vs. dogma divide, with which we still struggle today. (via explore-blog)

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my day to day life

my day to day life

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¡Chicken Enchiladas!
Chicken poached in Ommegang Fire and Blood red ale 
with clementines and guajillo peppers
Spicy miso and red ale enchilada sauce
Extra sharp cheddar
Spanish rice and refried black beans

 - the hungry jedi